How to Create Gorgeous Landing Pages without Code!

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Finally! Now I can design

I've been pulling my hair out not finding the right templates. Finally I can leave behind the frustration of buying templates and build pages the way I need them to look. My designs will now work for me.
Sarah Marshall
Nassau County, New York

Key Concepts Covered in this Course

Jason Jackson

Head of Digital Agency

As a Full Time Web Designer for over a decade. I have worked with hundreds of clients on projects of all sizes – everything from complex eCommerce platforms through to simple One Page Landing Pages. 

No matter the size of the project or the budget – the core concepts are the same, create a smooth user experience that is highly functional and an aesthetic appeal that the end user appreciates but barely notices.  

In this course you will learn how to create a gorgeous landing page without a line of code using WordPress & Elementor.

We will start from a completely blank page and build all the content, then work on the design once we have a functionally solid base to enhance. 

Once you have completed this course, you will understand how to design any page you will ever need, without code or hiring a designer.



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4 Full Hours of On-Demand Video


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Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Course Description

In this course you will gain the confidence to use WordPress & Elementor (free) to build a gorgeous high impact Landing Page. 

Over 4 Hours you will take a blank page and turn it into a Minimalist Functional website with content. Then design a visually striking stand out Landing Page that has subtle, yet effective design principles applied. 

This course instructor is a real life working web designer with more than a decade of client work. Follow along with Jason as he gives insights, tips and tricks that are invaluable if you plan to work with, or are already working with demanding clients. 

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Chapter 1
Creating The Layout - Functional Nuts & Bolts
From Basic to Beautiful - Transforming Our Minimalist Design
Alternate Designs & Color Schemes

Student Reviews about This Course

Would Highly Recommend
Great design is made easy, I'm so happy I took this course. I didn't have the idea how good I could make this with my own hands. I'm so excited to follow my dream now.
Dennis Worth
From Los Angeles, California
Thank You, Thank You
Within a few hours my new arsenal of weaponry to tackle the new customers demands. I'm feeling mighty unstoppable and won't lie, after years of designing I didn't know half of what I now know.
Rebecca Davidson
From Brisbane, Queensland
Results Matter
I wasn't sure going into the course. I'm not technical at all. I needn't have worried. Even the tech stuff was easier than I could think. The free sandbox was amazing for me.
Alexi Simpson
From Meridian, Idaho
$$$ Money Saved $$$
No more paying bad designers for me. I'm now cured of the disease that I've been afflicted with since I started my company. Once you see it done, follow the steps its a revelation.
Bronwyn Pike
From London, UK

Features You Will Get With Your Purchase

Included Sandbox Website, so you can learn / practice 100% risk free with WordPress & Elementor without changing your existing site or without needing your own site. Everything is configured and ready to use, exactly as in the How to Create Gorgeous Landing Pages course videos.

Actionable Training

This course is hands on, you should follow along each step and you will have a deeper understanding of each element you create and more experience to create gorgeous designs on your own.

Interesting Quizzes

Nothing is better after several hours of full bore design work than to have your frazzled brain have to recall details you barely noticed. Don't worry, we have several optional Quizzes and a Super Last Final Quiz. Just for you.

Exclusive Material

This course is 100% Exclusive to We create material designed for creative to further their creativity and represent their professional services in exciting ways. We do not post these courses on any other site.

Completion Certificate

Feel the endorphin rush when you have a great new website and a Downloadable PDF Certificate with our logo and your name on it. Some people brag about Harvard, you will just have a small smile and a winning feeling.

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