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Create Gorgeous Landing Pages with No Code

Build entire Landing Pages without using template or pre-made sections. Starting from a blank page in WordPress and building every section using the free Page Builder Elementor.

Create Amazing Testimonial Films

Quit making soulless video marketing content and start creating cinematic stories to showcase your product or service. Break the mold and use cinematic techniques to inspire people to pay attention.

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How to Build a World Class Design Agency and Start Your Own Business

Do you want to create you own successful design business? Well in this course you will learn every single step on how to build a web design business, from company structure through to selling hosting to your new customers.

Setting up a Design & Hosting Agency is a complex task, but in this step by step – hands on – course you will create your own business website, setup every single step needed to succeed and understand the reasoning behind every decision. 

How to Create an Complete Elegant Minimalist Website with No Code

Creating an entire website is a big task, a lot of people attempt to use premade templates and ‘fit’ them to their own needs – this usually takes longer than starting from a blank page. 

After this course you will never need premade templates or blocks again.  In this course you will create a 5 page website (Home, About, Contact, Product Service Page, Blog) all with a design that is ageless and elegant.

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Docuo.co is a specialized Video Training provider focused on Design, Web Design, Content Marketing, Video Production & Filmmaking. We are a passionate about design, marketing and filmmaking and have an extensive experience within these fields. We started Docuo.co because clients, colleagues and everyone else expressed their desire to learn the required skills in these fields – but where put off by industry jargon, lack of easily accessible courses, understanding educators and high fees.  

So its our job to fix that issue.